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The Network Weaver Consultants Network is a loosely affiliated group of consultants who provide a wide range of network services for organizations, networks and communities.  All of the consultants have taken a 5-month intensive practicum on network consulting led by June Holley and Kristin Johnstad. 

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June Holley

June Holley :

June has been weaving economic and community networks for more than 25 years. In 1981 she discovered complexity science and became intrigued with the process of transformation. How could communities change in ways that would make them good places for everyone?

With others in Appalachian Ohio, she catalyzed cascades of experimentation, observing and documenting the dynamics that enabled many hundreds of people to start and then expand businesses. With these entrepreneurs, she mobilized dozens of area organizations to collaborate, self-organize and create an environment that would help these businesses innovate and work together.

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Kristin Johnstad

Kristin Johnstad :

Strengthening the capacity of network leaders to do what they do better The essays

I work with network and organizational leaders to build their network literacy and change the world by changing how they see in the world.

I have an extensive history with large, global youth-serving systems like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and The Salvation Army. I develop and introduce resources for network leaders to use in strengthening their systems and the communities in which they work. I have worked with hundred of “Healthy Communities – Healthy Youth” collaboratives. Areas of focus include: civic engagement, quality improvement, peer learning and network weaving.

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Deborah McLaren

Deborah McLaren :

For more than 20 years Deborah McLaren has been a leader in sustainable tourism around the world – sharing innovative, community-based economic experiences¬ and strategies through her writing (books, magazines), interviews, and other media, as well as appearing on panels, presentations and as a keynote speaker.

Deborah has extensive international experience working with tribal and rural communities in areas as diverse as Bhutan, the Amazon and the Yukon. After receiving an M.A. in Social Ecology from Goddard College (globalization and sustainable tourism) she worked on developing sustainable tourism strategies in the northern Indian Himalayan state of Sikkim as an Asian Foundation Fellow.

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Janne K. Flisrand

Janne K. Flisrand :

When people want to work together and collaborate, but aren’t sure how to best use everyone’s interests and abilities, I can help. At the end of any project, you will have practical tools to get your work done and more people committed to accomplishing the same goals.

An example? Together, we come up with concrete, practical ways to get people involved and build capacity. For example, we create tools that guide leaders through 1) matching people’s interests and skills 2) with the groups’ needs 3) while doing meaningful work.

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Derrick Rhayn

Derrick Rhayn :

Derrick Rhayn is the Chief Catalyst at Rhayn Collaborative Consulting (RCC). RCC  assists social change networks in developing the network literacy they need to be effective and take advantage of the network paradigm shift.  By using a network lens, RCC assists entities in accessing untapped resources and creating connectivity that leads to synergy within networks, and across communities. As a pioneer in network based fundraising, RCC uses network weaving to help  catalyzes networks through increasing their leverage capacity to obtain resources and to tap into their true potential, maximize their impacts, and scale and spread innovations. From hands on training to long term strategy development and beyond, RCC will assist you and your network team in gaining the skills necessary to grow your network and effectively integrate into the new world that is being created before our eyes.

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Debbie Gowensmith

Debbie Gowensmith :

Debbie Gowensmith, principal and co-owner of Groundswell Services Inc., is dedicated to strengthening equity-building movements. With 15 years of experience working with multicultural community groups on three continents to pursue their bio-cultural goals, Debbie has found networking to be a key component in developing innovative, powerful ideas that catalyze social change. Her experience includes six years directing an organization that empowered Hawaiian communities to reclaim stewardship of the places where they live, work, and play. Through networking, dozens of isolated Hawaiian communities more quickly and effectively created dynamic community-driven resource management projects that are changing conservation in Hawai‘i.

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Protected: Ken Vance-Borland

Protected: Ken Vance-Borland :

I’ve been concerned with nature conservation for a long time. Sustaining healthy ecosystems and human communities in the face of global change is a complex problem. I empower communities to meet this challenge with network mapping tools to discover who has (and has not) been working together, and with network weaving processes for building unexpected new collaborations. When people exchange ideas with new partners, innovative solutions emerge.

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