Janne K. Flisrand

Janne@Luther1cWhen people want to work together and collaborate, but aren’t sure how to best use everyone’s interests and abilities, I can help. At the end of any project, you will have practical tools to get your work done and more people committed to accomplishing the same goals.

An example? Together, we come up with concrete, practical ways to get people involved and build capacity. For example, we create tools that guide leaders through 1) matching people’s interests and skills 2) with the groups’ needs 3) while doing meaningful work.

I also coach leaders in using these resources to foster a more engaged community. Often, the focus on relationships invites new leaders to step forward.



  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Technical assistance with implementing network culture and habits
  • Implementing network tools, including system management
  • Coaching
  • Case study documentation
  • Network analysis
  • Network development strategies
  • Partnership facilitation

Sample list of Clients