Kristin Johnstad

Network Weaving with young leaders and change agents
Network Weaving with young leaders and change agents


Network Weaving and Social Innovation Training
Network Weaving and Social Innovation Training

Strengthening the capacity of network leaders to do what they do better

I work with network and organizational leaders to build their network literacy and change the world by changing how they see in the world.

I have an extensive history with large, global youth-serving systems like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and The Salvation Army. I develop and introduce resources for network leaders to use in strengthening their systems and the communities in which they work. I have worked with hundred of “Healthy Communities – Healthy Youth” collaboratives. Areas of focus include: civic engagement, quality improvement, peer learning and network weaving.

Another portion of my clients are public sector entities like Hennepin County’s Strategic Initiative and Community Engagement department and intermediaries such as Intermedia Arts and Nexus Community Partners. I help these clients evaluate and learn from new ventures at the intersection of community development and human development. It is about people, connections and place. Areas of focus include: coaching leaders in the middle, bridging differences in worldviews, amplifying under-represented voices, creating and sustaining generative networks.

Network services include:
-Training in network leadership and systems transformation
-Peer learning and adaptive action groups for network leaders;
-Network coaching and customized support to build capacity
-Network evaluation and use of data for improvement.

Partial list of clients:
– Abundant Asset Alliance, UK
– Intermedia Arts, MN
– Tiger Woods Foundation and Learning Centers, CA
– W.K.Kellogg Foundation, MI
– Ready by 21 Partnership, D.C.
– Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico
– Sprockets OST Network, MN
– YMCA movements (Canada, USA, South Africa, Ireland, Australia)